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1. Athletic Facilities to re-open June 1, 2020. We will begin with Phase 1 from OHSAA Summer Guidelines: All Participants must sign COVID-19 WAIVER before participation. COVID -19 Waiver

2. Follow all mandatory items from Responsible ReStart Ohio Plans listed below  from ODH. We will also follow OHSAA Summer Guidelines for 2020(attached) These will be posted outside of MS Gym, ES Gym and Weight Room.

                 A.Gyms, Dance Instruction Studios, and Other Personal Fitness Venues


               B.Baseball, Softball, and Batting Cages


               C.General Non-Contact Sports


              D.Skill Training for All Sports


             E.       Summer Guidelines from OHSAA:    OHSAAGuidance2020

3. Additional Guidelines

            A. Locker Rooms will remain closed until further notice.

            B. Participants should arrive dressed for activity.

            C. Not Mandatory to any participant.

            D. No Weekends.

            E. No Off Campus school related sports training sessions.

           F. Participants must leave as soon as training sessions are completed. Rides must  be prompt in pick up.

           G. Participants will need to bring their own water for activity, water fountains will not be available.

4. All participants, including coaches must sign in each session so we have a record of who is in attendance. These are for possible contact tracing. Use the OHSAACOVIDMONITORING.docx below.

5. Any team not following social distancing guidelines or mandatory guidelines from Responsible Restart Ohio Plans may be not allowed to continue summer workouts and skill sessions.

6. Possible changes as ODH and OHSAA release new guidelines.